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Last Performance on Taksim square

September 20, 2011


Performance in front of the Cumhuriyet Gallery

September 17, 2011

Performance at Taksim Square Istanbul

September 16, 2011

during performance

and after

Istanbul performance: date and time

September 11, 2011

Ivar van Bekkum will perform a Spiral at Taksim Square in Istanbul on the early morning of  September 16.

You are cordially invited to be present during the performance.  The performance will start half an hour before sunrise (6:15) and continues till noon.

Any changes will be published here.


Reactions of passers-by

August 24, 2011

A test by Ivar on the square behind our Studio

Women: “You must have made this machine yourself. What’s in the bottle, gasoline?”

Ivar: “It runs on solar energy”

Women “Uhu, so without the sand it would work the same?

Ivar: “Exactly the same, only you would not see the history, its path”

Women “ Ahhhhh! So the sand is even more a work of art as the machine is…

Spiral Drawing Sunrise coming soon to Istanbul.

August 24, 2011

We will be performing a Spiral Drawing Sunrise in Istanbul between 14 and 20 Sept as part of ISEA2011.
The exact locations and (early morning) times will be published as soon as they are decided on.
To give you an indication: