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Announcement of performance on April 6

March 19, 2009

In April we will do a first experiment with the execution of a Spiral Drawing for one specific commissioner.  In this experiment Noortje Marres will participate as commissioner of a Spiral Sunrise. Her motivation to commission the piece is based in her moving from Amsterdam (close proximity of Frederiksplein) to London in 2006 and the (disputed) possibility of the Spiral Sunrise to bring the Dutch light to her London house.


-Execution of the work will take place on the Frederiksplein, Amsterdam, during the sunrise of 6 April 2009  in the presence of  Noortje Marres
-Esther Polak will execute the project based on Marres wishes.
-Noortje Marres will hang the piece in her London house for one year.
-Noortje will document her experience in a diary (log), before, during, and after the recording (3 times 500 words).
-The log is an integral part of the art work, and will be made available on the project blog and/or in any suitable form for exhibition.

Research questions:

1. What does it bring to trans-locate a sunrise?
2. Is ownership of a work a relevant form of interaction?
in the context of interactive art?
3. Does the Spiral Sunrise performance create a tangible presence of solar energy in public space?


Parque del Rastro Video

June 15, 2008

Spiral at the Parque del Rastro

June 12, 2008

Pictures by Paula Pin

location hunt by Sytse

June 7, 2008