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Noortje Marres Log 1: Before

April 5, 2009

Noortje Writing

1.  Testing powers of transportation

This is a question that I am especially intrigued by in relation to Spiral Sunrise : who or what is being put to the test in this experiment? I’d like to think this project is first and foremost about Spiral Sunrise itself, and what it might be capable of. Will this sand-spewing miniature car be able to materialize the Amsterdam sunlight  — first on the pavement of a still-to-be-decided spot on the Frederiksplein, and then, in London? Will it be able to capture, if not the freshness of a sun rising in the fairly un-smogged Amsterdam sky, then at least some of the particularities of an early morning in this city? (more…)



March 19, 2009

in preparation of the April 6 performance, I did some inversed tests at sunset right in front my studio.


Some neighbors, that know me from doing sand robot tests, came by to investigate.

Drawing on paper: Spiral printmaking

June 6, 2008

Fist real sundriven drawing

June 4, 2008

Puppeteer Spiral Drawing 02

May 12, 2008

puppeteer spiral

Pupeteer Spiral Drawing

May 12, 2008

Early Sunday morning Spiral Sand Drawing experiment.
Neighbor Adrijan came by with his kids. I never met him before.
This drawing, “about time”, according to Adrijan, only leaves escape via the light pole. When Luca, his son, started to destroy the drawing bit by bit: “Now there is another escape”