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In September 2015 Spiral Drawing Sunrise was nominated for the Akademieprijs Astronomie en Kunst.


The work was shown at the The Oude Sterrewacht Sterrenwachtlaan 11, Leiden. The price was granted to “Zwarte Zon” (Black Sun) by Roland Schimmel. We are honoured to have shown Spiral Drawing Sunrise in this context.


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SpiralDrawingSunriseNoortjeSpiral Drawing Sunrise was mentioned in this lecture by Noortje Marres, (from 58:50 on)

Annual Lecture DER ÖFFENTLICHKEIT ― VON DEN FREUNDEN HAUS DER KUNST: Noortje Marres; April 16.2015.



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Spiral Drawing Sunrise was part of our solo show at Rento Brattinga |Galerie in Amsterdam January-February 2014



Journal in Images

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The solstice performance at Piet Heinplein in Den Haag. June 22 5:20 – 13:00

around 5:30
Around 5:20 All ready for sunrise

Around 5:40 First steps

Around 6:20
Around 6:20 Proper rays of sun

Around 6:30

Around 7:30

Around 7:45 Suspicious and curious visitors

Around 9:30
Around 9:30

Around 10:00
Around 10:00 Change of weather

around 11:30 Rain continues….

Around 12:30 We keep going with help from Maurits Burgers

The Performance was executed in collaboration with Hannah Henderson
Photo’s by Esther Polak, Hannah Henderson and Akbar Simonse

June 22 Den Haag NL

June 15, 2013 by

Immediately after the shortest night of 2013 we will perform a Spiral Drawing Sunrise in Den Haag, NL, at the Piet Heinplein, on the crossing of Kortenaerkade and Anna Paulonastraat. The performance will be taking place in the context of It’s About Time at Quartair.


An exhibition organized by Timebank The Hague,
June 15-June 22.

Curated by Kosta Tonev

With Marlies Adriaanse, Christine Cheung, Edouard Decam, Myung Feyen, Martijn Grooten,Hannah Dawn Henderson, Ronald Huynen, Andy Ingamells & Maya Verlaak, Emilio Moreno, Ivan Moudov, Yotaro Niwa, Sara Pape, Esther Polak & Ivar Van Bekkum, Misha de Ridder, Max Stolkin.

Performance on WG square

June 2, 2013 by

The morning of June 2, 2013





June 2 performance WG-plein Amsterdam

May 26, 2013 by

Esther and Ivar will be performing a Spiral Drawing Sunrise between Sunrise and Noon on the WG Plein. We expect it to be best around 10:00-11:00; We imagine to make you a coffee, as it is downstairs from our studio. The resulting sand-print will be visible from the studio during the Open Atelier hours from 14:00 till 18:00.

Test at the Ouderkerksplein

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Performance at Ouderkerksplein during Solar Breakfast with Saskia

February 19, 2013 by

Every year on March 9 at exactly twenty-one minutes before nine, a ray of sun* hits the grave of Saskia, Rembrands wife.  To celebrate and witness this magical moment a breakfast will be held in the church on Saturday morning March 9. The program consists of a performance with  Instrumentorum Musicorum Regina by Volfango Pecoraio , and a Spiral Drawing Sunrise performance that will last till noon. If you also wants to join the breakfast please confirm via info(at) before March 4.

fore more information in Dutch click here



* depending on a sunny morning

Dubble Spiral

October 28, 2012 by

First time experiment with an all day performance. Exactly at noon we loosened the rope, let the robot run strait for a while and made it wind again on a newly positioned pole.