Noortje Marres log 2: After


Also, while the prints where still here, a sunflower arrived on the windowsill of our living room: one we had not planted, but just started to grow there one day. It was a funny coincidence, as in trying to think and write about Spiral Drawing Sunrise, I had read about a sunflower clock: a 17th century device developed by the Anthanasius Kircher, which relied on a turning sunflower – which followed the sun – to indicate the time (Hankins & Silverman, 1995).  There are many connections with spiral drawing sunrise: it is another sun-centred device that does clock-work, and in this way, gives us a way of doing clock time with a natural setting, rather than requiring disconnection from it. Anyway, I initially did not make these connections between sunflower and sunflower clock and prints: – as we had not planted it, we did not know what this thing was, and for a long time were convinced it would be a thistle, and later – when it just kept growing and the head appeared – a big thistle. At first I  thought of this plant as some kind of stork, seemlingly arriving out of nowwhere (though we later found out that neighbours two houses down have a whole patch of sunflowers). The point is,
our simple sunflower is doing clock-work too, it measures time through its growth and opening petals, and thereby generating a sense of extension in time.

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