Noortje Marres Log 3-1: After


We had the prints of the Frederiksplein Spiral Drawing Sunrise hanging on the wall in our living room in London for about a year. Now they are gone, as I brought them back to Amsterdam on the Eurostar. Actually they have been gone for a while, but I have been putting off writing up my experience of them, as I had promised Esther I would. I was busy, of course, but possibly too because writing things up would mean the end of the experiment, and that is what I wanted to put off. But there is this question to answer: How was it to live with these prints for a year, did they produce or in any way enable the effect that Esther and I speculated they might, namely to “transport the Amsterdam sunrise to my London home”?

To be honest, it was probably less the location where we conducted the drawing exercise, – the Frederiksplein -, than the device of the spiral drawing sunrise itself, the solar robot-drawing machine, which continued to capture my imagination by way of these prints (the video recording is another matter – see below). Being continuously reminded of the figure of the spiralling dots, while walking back to the kitchen, and so on,  it became very easy to imagine things in my life to be shaped like one, like a spiral sunrise. I am 8 months pregnant, which means that I am getting rounder, and going slower, by the day. A bit like a snail I thought at first, but then, I realized, much like a spiral sunrise too (though I am still not going as slow as the sun). Or perhaps a spiral sunrise in reverse: as my action radius is shrinking continously, not growing – though the baby’s is growing of course.

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